St Marys Church – Tower Tours

Climb 70+ steps in easy stages and explore the top of St Marys Tower!

Tower Tours offers the chance to behind the scenes, on your way up,

you will get to visit the ringing room and see the Bell Chamber, stand on top of the Towers roof.

There you will have the best vantage point in Whitchurch to enjoy spectacular views of our village.


Here are the available options for the climb so far but please confirm before arriving.

Thursday 27/06/19 @11.00am

Thursday 27/06/19 @ 11.30am

Saturday 29/06/19 @3.30pm

Saturday 29/06/19 @4.00pm

Sunday 30/06/19 @5.00pm

Tuesday 02/07/19 @3.30pm

Thursday 04/07/19 @ 11.00am

Thursday 04/07/19 @ 11.30am

Saturday  06/07/19 @3.30pm

Saturday   06/07/19  @4.00pm

Sunday 07/07/19  @4.30pm

Sunday 07/07/19  @5.00pm



Tours may be restricted or cancelled in the event of high winds and inclement weather conditions

Tour members should be able bodied and sober; SMOKING IS PROHIBITED

We regret that children under the age of 8 or anyone under the height of 1.2m cannot participate in this tour due to Health & Safety regulations

Each child aged 8-16 must be individually accompanied by a responsible adult

Dogs are not permitted on this tour

Sensible footwear is essential – No – high heels, bare feet or flip flops and sandals must be securely fastened

We advise that if you suffer from claustrophobia or the fear of heights you should not participate in the tour

You need to be reasonably fit and in good health to climb the steep, narrow staircase  – Please watch your footing

Tour lasts around 30 minutes, but timings can vary

Places are limited to 8 people in each tour group

Advance booking is highly recommended

Items of baggage etc. should be left at ground level and each visitor should have ‘both hands free’